creative advert

Freeing ideas

Creative techniques & idea management for teams in marketing and communication ...

Ideen entfesseln, Kreativitätstechniken & Ideenmanagement für Teams aus Marketing und Kommunikation, Kribbeln im Kopf 1
creative strategy

Inspiring strategies

How to model with creativity "bloodless" marketing concepts an attractive product personality ...

Strategien erwecken, Wie man mit Kreativität aus zahlengetriebenen Marketingkonzepten eine attraktive Produktpersönlichkeit modelliert, Kribbeln im Kopf 2
4d innovation

Developing valuable products

Products are produced in factories, values ​​in the head: 80 patterns, recharge the products with the aura of the valuable ...

Wertvolle Produkte entwickeln, Produkte entstehen in Fabriken, Werte im Kopf: 80 Muster, die Produkte mit der Aura des Wertvollen aufladen , 4D-Innovationsprozess
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Mario Pricken, Innovation Director - Marketing, Advertising, Design and Strategy

Mario Pricken

"For me, successful products are objects that masquerade as stories. It takes a lot of creativity that inspires teams from product development to communication ... "

Christine Klell, Innovation Director - Design und Werbung

Christine Klell

"The most important ideas are the ones waiting to be discovered! I show teams how to intelligently diverge from the norm while keeping creative departments "hot"…"

Dieter Weidhofer, Innovation Director - Marketing, Advertising and Strategy

Dieter Weidhofer

"I'm inspired by people who suddenly break through their creative sound barrier and develop ideas they would never have previously dared to. Courage can be learned ..."